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#1 - Write to help Cetaceans!

Write a letter in support of the SWIMS Act, keep pressure on the USDA, and include your concerns for captive cetaceans. We have provided information on each topic plus a sample letter. You can also download a free stationery set!

Click the button below to take action!

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#2 -  Speak up for the Southern Resident Orcas!

The 73 remaining Southern Resident Orcas need your help! We have included numerous ways you can help such as emailing/writing, calling, and signing petitions.

Click the button below to dive in and take action!


#3 - Help the Maui's Dolphins

The Maui's dolphins are critically endangered (only 50 remain in the entire world). Peggy Oki (Founder/Director of Origami Whales Project) created the "Let's Face It" campaign on their behalf.

Click the button below to take action at the "Let's Face It" campaign website.


#4 - Petitions!

Petitions need action beyond the petition itself. Regardless of the end result, petitions are still important to show your support, voice your concerns, share the issues on social media, etc. Click the button below to review the list of petitions.


#5 - Share on Social Media!

Sharing our 'take action' items on social media will help spread the awareness further! To help with this, we have created a few photo/video options you can download. Click the button below to check out the options!


Bonus Reading: Letters are powerful and most impactful!

We've compiled a list of reasons and resources regarding letter writing and why it matters so much.

We hope this helps you dive into our letter writing 'actions'! Click the button below for more info.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead

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