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Mission Statement

This is a non-profit endeavor created for the primary purpose of helping you take action for cetaceans.

Our Story

Peggy Oki has been advocating for cetaceans for decades. Before this website came to exist - Peggy's campaign information was housed in numerous Google Docs - with the purpose of helping people take action for cetaceans. All of the content from her initial documents can be found on our dedicated 'Take Action' pages. We have done our best to ensure everything is easy to use and understand - including all of the necessary links, references, information, sample letters, talking points, etc. We hope all of our volunteer efforts provide ongoing inspiration to help our cetacean friends! Thank you for diving in with us!

Meet The Co-Founders of!

Peggy Oki - Campaign Director

Peggy Oki is the Founder and Director of 'Origami Whales Project' and tireless advocate for cetacean rights and protections for 40+ years. She is a skateboarder, surfer, artist, activist, adventurous spirit, and so much more. She was the only female member of the Zephyr skateboard team in the 1970’s (featured in the documentary “Dogtown & Z-Boys”). Beyond skateboarding and surfing, Peggy is an artist, educator, environmental activist, public speaker, rock climber, and world traveller.  Peggy founded "Origami Whales Project" in 2004 and welcomed worldwide public participation (of all ages) for her impactful art installations - helping raise awareness about threats to cetaceans across the world. Peggy has shared her passions and activism through public speaking for years.


Madison O'Connell - Social Media Manager

Madison ("Mads") O'Connell is a photographer/videographer, social media and marketing specialist. Her expertise consists of years of staring through the lens and editing content to allow the viewer to experience the imagery on a deeper level. Madison has produced the documentary "Tails of Confinement" which you can view through our 'Recommended Viewing' page (also available on YouTube). Madison's studies have taken her to places around the world to exhibit her photography and films, including the Galapagos Islands. On Galapagos she captured the beauty of the natural world in addition to the concerns of plastic pollution. Madison has participated in beach clean-ups around the world and continues to raise awareness about threats to cetaceans.


Cetacean art by Sharktopia

Caiti Rose is the Founder and Artist of "Sharktopia" - Most of the cetacean artwork on has been created by Sharktopia, donated to this wonderful non-profit endeavor.

Check out the FAQ

Please review our FAQ page before using the contact form. We might have already answered your question! If you can't find the answer you're searching for - please feel free to reach out through our contact form.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead

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