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Aroha Maui Dolphin Gathering


Our co-founder Peggy Oki is working on her latest entanglement art installation to help raise awareness for the critically endangered Maui dolphins - around 50 individuals remain alive today. 


You’re invited to participate in this impactful art installation!
Help Peggy reach her goal of 1,000 Origami Maui Dolphins!

Mail your origami Maui dolphins ASAP to ensure they arrive by March
23, 2023 - before the event.
If you’re local, you can fold origami Maui dolphins at the event.

For more information about previous art installations, click here!


Event Details

When:  March 25, 2023 (Saturday) - from 10am to 2pm


Where:  Union Hall, 3 Stewart Street, Raglan, New Zealand

Peggy Oki will be creating this impactful Maui dolphin art installation with the help of the public. Everyone is invited to attend and fold origami Maui dolphins! Paul Murray will be hosting games & prizes. There will be LIVE music and food as well.

Follow this video to create a simple origami Maui dolphin. 


The paper squares we used are approx. 4.25” x 4.25” (11cm x 11cm). Your origami creations don't need to be this exact size, but we recommend keeping it similar. Paper size and thickness will affect the postage requirement.


We like saving trees while saving whales & dolphins! Use scrap paper or whatever you have on-hand to create your origami Maui dolphins (junk mail, business ads, upcycled gift wrap, sheet music, maps, envelopes, clean wrappers, etc).

Note: Magazine paper tends to be too thin and fragile.


Color your finished creation and please write on it “Save the Maui dolphins!" along with your name/city/country, so that your voice for the Maui dolphins will be represented in the art installation.


4-5 origami dolphins and a small, light-weight card should fit in an envelope with a final weight under one ounce. Paper thickness and size of the card/envelope will affect the final weight. You can check the weight, delivery estimate, and postage requirement at your local post office. 


ETA for mailing to New Zealand from the U.S. is approximately 3-4 weeks  - so please fold with us & mail your dolphins ASAP!

Address the envelope to:

Peggy Oki

℅ Whaingaroa Environment Centre

PO Box 227

Raglan 3265

New Zealand


The main cause of death for the critically endangered Maui dolphin is entanglement in gill nets (fishing gear). Unfortunately, the New Zealand government has failed to take adequate measures in a timely manner to protect the Maui dolphins (and their close-relative Hector’s dolphins) from dying as a result of bycatch and entanglement (trawling and set nets). This is why we continue to speak-up and raise awareness for the remaining individuals (around 50) before it's too late. Thank you for being a voice for the Maui dolphins.

Photo credit: New Zealand Department of Conservation


The Maui's dolphins are critically endangered (around 50 remain alive in the entire world). Peggy Oki (Founder/Director of Origami Whales Project) created the "Let's Face It" campaign on their behalf.

Check the “Let’s Face It” Facebook page for updates:

Click the button below to take action at the "Let's Face It" website.

Visit Peggy Oki’s impactful art installations page to view additional exhibits she has created on behalf of cetaceans around the world and the threat of bycatch and entanglement.

Visit Peggy Oki’s public speaking page to view her third 'World Oceans Day' keynote speaking presentation.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead

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